Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Ebb and Flow of Practice

I trust my spirit allies.
That's all I can really say. My practice in the past few months has waned to a quiet lull. I still have a connection to spirits and my divination tools still work but the actual practice, actually doing stuff, has been minimal beyond daily offerings and prayers.
I still feel the help of spirits in small things; helping me catch a plane when I'm running late, intuitive whispers helping me find a parking spot, glimpses into the personal lives of strangers, and other assistances. I value the presence of spirits in my life.
Things happen as they need to. It may be quiet now but I know that soon enough things will get busier. One of the big advantages to doing this work over years and decades is that I know I'll never lose my connections and my allies. And I know they have my interest in mind.
I put my trust in them.

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