Friday, May 20, 2016

Tarot Working, The Sun

The Sun.
This week I sat with the Sun. Here is how it went.
First it may be notable that my candle was reluctant to stay lit as I began this working. The flame was really small for several minutes before it perked up and burned with a more regular light. I sat with the card before me and even before I formally made the call the rays of the Sun in the image seemed to be in motion.
I used the call that I’ve used for all the previous cards and after a few moments the Sun’s face on the card begins to slide in such a way that the two halves become asymmetrical. The left side of his face slides up and out of alignment with the right. Then I hear, “I encompass all things.” I am a little taken aback by a spirit using words to announce its arrival. The rays of the Sun appear to be emanating in energetic spirals.
I ask, “how can I use your energy in my life.” In response I see in my mind’s eye a section of an astrological chart. It is my natal chart and I see the position of the Sun there. Then I see the image on the card change and the rays from the Sun stop forming spirals and come out in straight lines. The Sun says, “Orientation. You are your center. I am your center.”
I ask, “what lessons can you teach me?” The face of the Sun changes again to resemble an aged face of indeterminate gender. He says, “wisdom of age.” Then the face changes again to that of a man with a thick mustache. His lips are pursed as if he is whistling or singing but I don’t hear any sound. The rays of the sun resemble arms and legs in motion as if he is dancing. He’s wiggling around dancing and singing.
I ask, “who are the children?” The Sun seems to ignore me. He just keeps dancing and singing. The children say nothing. So then I try to be more direct and ask “children, who are you?” They say, “the blind and the sighted,” and nothing more.
I ask the Sun, “what are you singing?” He says, “a song of the earth and sky.”
I ask, “how may I invoke your blessing?” The Sun keeps dancing again seeming to ignore me but I am patient and I wait for the answer. After a while he says, “push from your center.” Then the rays of the Sun become jets of fire shooting out with considerable force. He says, “you are all sighted and blind.” By this I take it he means all of humanity.
I ask, “how do I know when I am blind?” He responds, “you are always blind.” Then the rays from the Sun take on the appearance of crystals that erupt from the surface of the Sun to form long spikes.
I ask, “how can I determine falsehood?” The Sun says, “the dance will be out of rhythm.” Then a small cloud appears to the side, obscuring some of the rays.
I ask, “how can I be a better creator?” But again the Sun ignores me and just keeps dancing and whistling.
I ask, ”Will there be a time when you cease to shine?” and he gives me the obvious answer, “yes, at the end.” Then the rays take on the appearance of a thousand arms with groping hands all reaching out seeking something to grab. These hands are very different than the rays of the dancing Sun. They are more like human arms. The energy of the dancing ray arms was that they were pushing out from the Sun, these the energy is more receptive, almost hungry. It is rather disconcerting.
I ask, “what is your connection to the Four Kings?” In response the Sun forms into a compass rose and it begins to spin like a top. As it does this I understand that the Four Kings form the points of the compass rose and the Sun is at the center. As it spins, blue fire jets from the surface of the Sun at various points.
I ask, “what is your message to me?” The Sun says, “pay attention. Keep your eyes open.”
With that I decide to close the session. I thank the Sun and call it to be at peace. I thank it for coming and speaking to me. I ask the Sun to be my ally and to help me learn its lessons. Then I snuff my candle and it stings much more than usual. Maybe my candle snuffing callous is getting thin or maybe it was the influence of the Sun.   

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