Monday, March 24, 2014

Things I've learned paying attention to the Moon

Since I've been paying close attention to the Mansions of the Moon I have learned a couple of things. I am noting them here as a sort of record and note keeping. As more items come up I will make more posts. 
1. The Moon moves faster at the New Moon and slower at the Full moon. At the Full Moon the Mansions turn in the evening and last something like 25 or 26 hours. At the New Moon the turn happens in the middle of the night and and lasts something like 19 or 20 hours.
2. Because of this sliding length of the Mansions they slowly rotate through the days of the week.Therefore the Mansions do not have set planetary attributes as I've seen suggested elsewhere. 
In an effort to plan formal evocations of each of the spirits of the Mansions I investigated where the Moon was at each Monday during the hour of the Moon. I found that over the course of several months the Moon stations in all the mansions during the second hour of the Moon on each Monday.
3. Not so much as something I've learned but a suspicion that the spirits of the Mansions or not necessarily lunar. Perhaps it is akin to the solar zodiac signs not being necessarily solar. I will need to contemplate this further.

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