Sunday, April 12, 2015

Further Meditations on Surgat

In the course of working with Surgat I have been receiving more information on his nature and ways to work with him.
Thinking of Surgat in shamanic terms he is the "Opener of the Ways". In this way he has connections to Charon the Ferryman. He helps the magician to transverse barriers and penetrate membranes but he is not a spirit of transportation. He is stationary in the sense that he remains at the gateway; Charon never leaves the river.
Surgat's symbol is the open archway, or better yet, an arcade of open archways. The post and lintel and the vaulted arch both work but the vaulted arch is better. The open arches also reinforce my thinking of Surgat as an airy spirit as they carry connotations of ventilation and the movement of air. I also saw what at first appeared to be a starburst but which resolved into a vision of an infinite number of paths extending into a vanishing point. Doors were open before me as far as I could see and the straight paths extending forever forward until they all met at a point on the horizon.
Then I was reminded of a time in my youth in which I had violated a person's trust and gone snooping where I wasn't welcome. I was told that not all locks are meant to be opened. Whoever places a lock, be it literal or metaphoric, put it in place for a reason. I was told of the potential violating nature of breaking a lock. It was characterized as a kind of rape. I received another warning on the opening of gateways which was to remember that when doors are open they are open both ways. Opening a door for yourself could open it for others as well.
Gate surmounted by the eagle, another symbol of Surgat

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