Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Astrachios Prayer

In Jake Stratton-Kent's True Grimoire he gives his reconstruction of the Prayer For Success.
Astrachios, Asac, Acra Bedrimuliel, Silat, Arabonas, Irehalem, Ideodoc, Archarzel, Blautel, Baracata, Adonai, Elohim, Emagro, Abragateh, Samoel, Geburahel, Cadato, Era, Elohi, Achsah, Ebmisha, Imachadel, Daniel, Dama, Elamos, Izachel, Bael, Scirlin; Genium Domos.
In the grimoire this prayer is listed as one to recite several times a day as one fasts and prepares for the evocations. I have found it is a powerful prayer to recite as a daily practice. I have been viewing this prayer as a list of 28 names of spirits who can help guide me as I learn this magic.
Jake Stratton-Kent goes into some detailas to the potential derivations of each of the names in his Testament of Cyprian vol. 2 and I won't go into that here. What I want to present here is just another bit of UPG.
UPG? Unverified Personal Gnosis. In other words, information from spirits or divination that may or may not be true in an objective way. Which is funny to say about any thing in the occult. Ultimately it's all subjective so one works with the information one discovers as they may.
At any rate, I digress.
I asked my tarot cards "what is the relationship between Scirlin and the spirits of the Astrachios prayer?". Without going into the specific cards I drew, I interpreted the reading as Scirlin influences the internal world of the magician, the Verum spirits influence the external world of the magician. This is the pattern I've been using. When I want the world to be rearranged to my advantage it is Astrachios et. al. I call upon. When I need to figure out a problem or need instruction it is Scirlin I call.
So far I have had success using this model. I have had requests fulfilled by making requests of the spirits of the Astrachios prayer.
This is another route of study in this practice. I'll be posting more thoughts as I progress.

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