Friday, January 22, 2016

Tarot Working, The Priestess

My report on working with the Priestess.

As with the Fool and the Magician, I began the week by ceremonially putting down the Magician and picking up the Priestess. But unlike the Fool and the Magician, she waited for me to contact her first.

The first time I called her was relatively informal. From that call I received a very brief image of a nun in her room high in a tower. It is night and the room is lit with candles which gives everything a warm, toasty, golden brown color. Her habit was unusually wide and voluminous around her face. She gazed out the window into the darkness. All around her books filled the room on shelves and in stacks. I begin to wonder if this tower is the same as the Tower (XVI) but the vision ends before I pursue that line of thinking.

On Tuesday I had an opportunity to do a more formal concentrated meditation/scrying with the Priestess. I lit a candle and called to her calling her “Your Grace” and “Knower of All Things”. Soon the image on the card changed and I saw her bright pink heart beating in her chest, glowing with its own light. I could see her ribs and then heart behind them in the darkness of the interior of her body. She was holding the essence in the core of herself protecting it and keeping it alive.

I ask, “how can I use your energy in my life?” She raises her book and says, “knowledge”.

She appears to be trying to back away from me and recede into her veils.

I ask, “what are the lessons you can teach me?” At this her face appears to age rapidly and becomes a skull. The skull turns purple, it looks up and screams at heaven. Then it turns back to a woman and she chuckles, amused. Then her face slides between several people as we continue to talk together; women old and young, men with and without beards.

I ask, “how may I learn your secrets?” She holds her book open and says “Just look, it’s all out in the open. The tower extends as far underground as it does above ground.  Youth and age are the same. The flights of bids tells the weather.” Then, vehemently, she says “It’s all in the book!” At this my candle pops, punctuating her emphasis.

I ask her to be a constant presence in my life, to share her secrets with me, and to be my ally. Her eyes glow white and her face turns old and withered. Then it becomes a younger woman again and she looks away in sadness. I pour heart energy into her. Her eyes widen and she smiles. I tell her “our hearts are connected” and she smiles again.

I ask her to help me find the knowledge I need to meet my challenges. Then I give the license to depart and wrap up the session.

There were no other significant occurrences through the rest of the week to note.

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