Friday, February 19, 2016

Tarot Working, The Lovers

The Lovers
I’ll admit up front that I didn’t give the Lovers the attention they deserved. That’s not to say that I did nothing with them or that they weren’t responsive, but I feel like I just scratched the surface. One reason I feel like I didn’t get to dig as deeply as I had hoped is because I seemed to be spending more time with my family and wasn’t able to be alone for much of the week. Could this be some of the influence of the Lovers? Perhaps.
Last Friday I put down the Hierophant and picked up the Lovers with the usual small ceremony. Then somehow I became distracted and didn’t do any work with them until Wednesday. Valentine’s Day was in there and my partner had time off from work so there were things happening.
In my informal work I received impressions of reunion and partnership, the Hand of Providence stirring hearts in accordance with Divine Will, and the incredible force of those impassioned hearts. I also received suggestions that there were connections here to the story of Demeter and Persephone and their mysteries.
On Thursday morning, the last day, I got up early and tried a more formal skrying session with the card. I sat with my candle and card and called to the Lovers. Soon there seemed to be a bright light pervading the room, diminishing the light from the candle and from the bulb in the ceiling. This was the indication of the spirit of the card.
I asked “What are the lessons you can teach me?”  In response my attention was drawn to the tip of the cherub’s arrow and I was told “weighing of possibilities”. The figure on the right seemed to have gold at her wrist and at her ears- “value”. Then all four figures glow with energy and the cherub’s sun resembles a skull.
I ask “How can I use your energy in my life?” The central figure looks sadly to the left and I’m told “empathy” and then “ease of passage”. I’m not sure what to make of ease of passage. Then it appears as if the three figures are talking to each other, specifically the figure on the right is telling an amusing story, but I can’t hear what is being said. They all laugh and I can see that they are all connected to each other by their happiness.
I ask “what is your message to me?” In response the cherub and sun become a large hand reaching down toward the Lovers. It is the Divine Will, the Hand of God.
After this I can hear my family stirring and waking up elsewhere in the house. Soon I’ll not have the luxury of solitary time. I thank the Lovers, tell them to be at peace, and end the session.
I think there is much more to this card than what I was able to access. I can feel it, there is a great mystery here. I find it interesting that the keyword I usually use for this card in readings is “choice” but I didn’t feel that at all during the week. I will definitely be digging into this one more once the cycle is done.

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