Friday, February 26, 2016

Tarot Working, The Chariot

The Chariot.
I had chariot music in my head for much of the week. “Swing low, sweet chariot”, both the gospel version and the Parliament version (
I did my formal scrying session earlier in the week than I normally do. The session started with some hiccups. I propped up my card and settled myself to get to work. I began to call on the Chariot and the card falls over. I set it back up and begin again, calling as I have for the past cards, but there is nothing happening. So I decide to raise my voice loudly and call again and it was like a switch flipped on. I needed to command. The background of the card seemed to swirl with energy and the charioteer took a pleased expression on his face. His nose turns yellow. I call him to be an ally with me and he smiles.
I ask him, “what lessons can you teach me?” In response a monstrous mouth, a dragon’s mouth, open at his belly but it passes quickly. He points to a horizontal bar on the chariot “ready the field”. Then I see rays beaming down onto him from above, “receive your blessings”.
I ask, “what are the names of your horses?” He says “Endurance [the horse on the left] and Escape [the horse on the right]” Escape looks directly at me with an appraising look, weighing me.
I ask, “what does your banner represent?” He says, “I travel the night sky.” I ask, “are you the Sun?” and he says “no, I am on the other side of the Fixed Stars” and I see him as the driving force behind the Premium Mobile. I see an image of an asteroid, a great stone hurling through space, with the charioteer standing on top and the two horses appear to be men steering the asteroid seated in the front. It reminds me of the captain and the helmsmen of a television spaceship.
I ask, “what’s the deal with your epaulets?” He says, “they are Dour and Hopeful, Love and Fear, the two motivations.”
I ask, “how can I use your energy in my life?” In response the card becomes obscure except for his face which seems to come forward from the card, “clarity” and then “breaking out of darkness, illumination from heaven” and then “knowing true motivations.”
Then the conversation kind of lulls and we just sort of sit there looking at each other so I close the session calling on the Chariot to be at peace and to be a presence in my life.

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