Friday, April 29, 2016

Tarot Working, The Tower

The Tower
I had difficulty with the Tower. It was only after three sittings that I was able to have success with my scrying. It has also been the most stressful week of the year so far. I don’t know that it is related but it seems awfully coincidental. Maybe I was just looking for it.

On my third try at scrying this card I sat with my candle and the card but I put it in a different position than I have with the rest of the previous cards. I still used the same words as with the others. The signal came rather late and with difficulty and it was like the image in the card suddenly came to life. I saw a long nosed face like some kind of goblin or giant carrion bird similar to a condor or a vulture. With this face came the knowledge that it was the bolt that strikes the Tower, the bolt was the spirit of the card.

I ask, “how can I use your energy in my life?” The image in the card changes and I see a hand extending from the heavens and reaching into the top of the Tower. I hear, “going within”. Then the two figures who look like they are falling from the Tower no longer look like they are in danger or distress but they are doing somersaults and embracing the earth.

My candle in the lantern seems very loud. I can hear the rush of the air as it rises in the heat of the flame. It seems to be roaring.

“I ask, “what are the lessons you can teach me?” At this I see a vision of a parade of ancient soldiers marching in a street. Above them flies a red flag. The flag is being watched by someone in the crowd who is feeling crushed by the press of the crowd. The lesson is from that person’s perspective. My gaze moves a little lower down the image of the card to the middle section and I realize that that image was the message from the upper part of the card. The message from the middle section was, “how stars stay suspended in Heaven.” At this I see a vision of planets orbiting each other moving in a viscous jelly instead of empty space. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that space isn’t empty but is instead a media in which the plants float. I move my gaze to the lower section of the card. There the two figures say to me, “we only want to distract you from your other lessons.”

I ask the bolt, “Bolt, are you moving into or out of the Tower?” He says, “I open the Tower and move both ways.”
I ask, “to whom does the Tower belong?” At this I have a vision that I am flying into one of the dark windows of the Tower and into a very dark room. There is a figure there, a pale woman with her back to me. She is bent over slightly and clutching something tightly. She turns and I see it is a small box. It glows faintly, the light eaten by the gloom of the room. She offers it to me with a kind of thrusting gesture. I take it and hide it and I am sucked back out of the Tower window leaving the woman behind.

I ask, “do you indicate destruction?” He says, “sometimes, yes.”
I ask, “Bolt, why do you open the Tower?” He says, “The inside needs to be emptied before it can be filled.”

I ask, “what is your foundation made of?” He says, “the marrow of the bones of the earth.”

I ask, “who are the two falling from the Tower?” At this they answer and say, “we are travelers you have seen before.”

I ask, “travelers, where are you going?” And the answer, “the wormholes of the earth.” Then I see a vision of the interior of an immense dark cavern of black stone. A Tower is built on a jutting cliff in such a way that it appears that half of the Tower is above the cliff and half of the Tower extends below the cliff. The travelers say, “in the lower floors the stairs are in a spiral.” Then I see they have halos of white light and they say, “we are the consciousness of the earth.” Then I notice the hills that surround the tower and all the hills have eyes that are closed as though they were sleeping.
At this I decide to close the session. I call on the spirits of the Tower to be my allies and to help me learn their lessons and to be at peace.

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