Friday, April 1, 2016

Tarot Working, The Hanged Man

Hanged Man
I began my work with the Hanged Man this past week by trying to connect through art making. As I sketched and doodled I had him manifesting as a man hung from a signpost at a crossroads. He had a wound in his side and became the divine martyr like Prometheus and Jesus. He had a wooden box enclosing his head. It was locked with a big padlock and the key was on the ground, out of reach and out of sight.
When I did the formal scrying session I called him in the normal way and soon the image in the card was surrounded by a purple glow. Suddenly the image switched so that the Hanged Man had his head underground. The earth appeared like a cross section and I could see bugs and shells and stones in the soil around the Hanged Man’s head. It was a very abrupt announcement of the Hanged Man’s arrival.
I asked, “how can I use your energy in my life?” He says, “Rest. Gathering strength. Constriction”. Then a small bear appears next to his head then it disappears and the image of a mountain range appears under his head. He says, ”Connection to the earth”.

I ask, “what are the lessons you can teach me?” In response it appears as if rings form around his legs and arms, resembling targets and he says, “focus”. Then an angular face appears at his coat and he says, “gathering spirit allies”.

I ask, “who has hanged you?” The image of a large man appears and the Hanged Man says, “Greed,” and his feet start to glow.
I ask, “are you connected to Odin?” At this the image changes. It appears as though the wind is blowing. Then the image changes to become a large skull. The eye sockets become portals, windows I can look through. They merge into one opening and through it I see a green hill with a tree at the top. And even though the Hanged Man didn’t say anything I take this as a strong yes.

I ask, “what is your connection to the crossroads?” The Hanged Man moves his legs which are crossed and a spot glows at the cross. He says, “like this I am a cup that receives”. I wonder if this is an answer to my question but I keep going.
I ask, “are you in pain?” He says, “I wait with patience.” It seems he is not in distress.

I ask, “what are you waiting for?” In response I see that in his hands bound behind his back is a large seed pod that is just beginning to open and send out a small white root tendril.
I ask, “what is the knot that holds you?” The image changes to a man in a small boat, like a canoe. The Hanged Man says, “wanderlust.”   

Then I hear my house waking up and I know that I will be interrupted soon so I close the session. I thank the Hanged Man for speaking to me. I ask him to be an ally and a presence in my life and I thank him again.

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