Thursday, September 15, 2016

Spirits of the Mansions of the Moon; Abliemel

This is an account of my practicing my visualization/astral skills by working with the Spirits of the Mansions of the Moon. It is entirely UPG. Enjoy.

Abliemel in the House of Al Fargh al Thani.

I sat to visit Abliemel as I have for the previous Mansions; envisioning the small stone room and the wooden door with the Moon and the name Abliemel on it. I opened the door and stepped into a meadow with dry golden grass up to my waist. It is sunny and pleasant. I waded through the grass for a bit and come to a white wooden fence running across my path. The fence has a black iron gate in it. I open and walk through the gate. The grass on the other side is greener and thicker and darker. I walk for a few moments and come to another gate and fence, then another and another. Soon they are coming on sooner and sooner. I feel like I'm swimming in fences and gates, like they are almost coming at me. I'm starting to feel clausterphobic. Nearby I see a giant tree and I struggle through a series of gates to get to it. I climb the tree up and away from all the fences. I rest on a thick branch and see next to me a giant songbird, like a sparrow or a finch or something. The bird changes into a young girl of about 6 or so. She is wearing a dress that is the same color as the feathers of the bird. She has black hair in two braids. She says hello to me. I ask if she is Abliemel. She says she is and as she does she changes into a girl slightly older, 10 maybe, still in the same color dress, still with black braids. She looks like she is about to ask a question but never does. She changes to a 4 years old, then 15 or 16. Her image jumps back and forth in age. I ask, "what is your magic?" As a 10 year old she says, "gathering" and then she laughs but it is a laugh of a mature woman. I find it disconcerting coming from a child. I ask, "what is around here?" As a 13 year old she says, "oh, many things". And as I watch her her ages swing more, now 4 years old, now 30, now 75, now 8. I climb the tree leaving her behind on the branch. There is life all over the tree; birds, caterpillars, lichens. When I get to the top I get a view of the countryside. In the distance I see a mountain and an ocean. The sun is high and the air is clear. I can see for a long distance. I climb back down past Abliemel and to the ground. She watches me but doesn't come off the branch. I say, "won't you come down?" She says, "no, I must stay in the tree. I have to keep watch." I ask what she is watching for. Dreamily and seeming to ignore me she simply repeats to herself "...have to keep watch..." I shrug and start making my way back through the gates back to my door. Before I get there I see a hole in the ground with stairs leading down, like a cellar. I go down the stairs and find myself in a cavern of dark stone. The floor is polished and shining. In front of me is a coil of whispy, white smoke. It rises up and takes the shape of a head and torso with a smokey tail. The shape is person-like but without detail. I ask, "who are you?" The smoke person answers, "I am Abliemel." I am a little surprised and ask, "what is your relationship to the one out there?" The smoke person answers, "we are the same, but this is the other side of the Mansion." I ask, "what is your magic?" and this Abliemel says, "passage, opening," and I get the impression of the darkness of the birth canal and of passing out of that darkness. I ask, "what is there to see here?" Abliemel says, "Things of no light. Would you like to see?" I say, "no, not right now, another time. Thank you." Abliemel says, "my pleasure, come again," which again surprises me. I turn around and the door back to my entrance chamber is right behind me. I step through and leave.

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