Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Circuitousness of the Rabbit Hole

It has a bit of time since I've posted on the blog here. Thankfully it is because I've been working and not because of some other, less productive reason. So what have I been working on? Let's see if I can summarize.
  • My Surgat talisman sits only half done. I haven't moved forward on that for two reasons which I'll mention below.
  • My Astaroth First Character still sits in my shirt pocket. The culmination of that working has been stalled in favor of deepening my research on Astaroth. This deeper research into Astaroth is one of the reasons the Surgat talisman is delayed as I am trying to maintain the hierarchy of the True Grimoire. So the plan is to finish Astaroth first, then finish with Surgat.
  • I have been doing research into the Sumerian goddess Inana as part of my larger research on Astaroth. Inana's descent into the Underworld is a myth rife with symbolism that will be helpful in my conjuration of Astaroth and my own journey to the Underworld.
  • After reading Jake Stratton-Kent's A Prince Among Spirits I have decided that one of the necessary things to continue with both the research into Astaroth/Inana and Surgat is to work with the Spirits of the Mansions of the Moon. This is the second reason the Surgat talisman has been delayed.
So, that is what I've been doing for the past few weeks, everyday trying to contact the Spirit of the Mansion of the Moon in which the Moon resides at that time. After doing a tarot reading about the best way to perform this project I have been trying to improve my visionary/astral skills. At the beginning these skills were atrocious and neglected. Now, after 17 days of practice, my skills are a bit better but I still have a lot of room for improvement.
It is all related and it seems that one leads to the other, hence the title of this post.
The Spirits of the Mansions of the Moon is a subject that is ripe for exploration. I've been swimming in my own UPG (unverified personal gnosis) with this project as a way to break the ice between me and this category of spirits. As I continue I will post more of what I learn.

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