Friday, March 25, 2016

Tarot Working, Strength

Strength manifested for me differently than I thought she would. I sat with my candle and card to do the scrying session. I called to her in the usual way; “come to me, speak to me, share with me your wisdom, show me your forms”. After calling for a bit I saw a halo form around the figure in the card, her eyes glowed with a light, and I felt a tickling at the back of my neck, this was the signal.
I asked, “how can I use your energy in my life?” In response her stomach seems to bend inward and she says, “flexibility.” Then her face changes to that of a skull. The skull face opens its eyes and they grow larger and glowing. I notice that she is holding her mouth in such a way that it appears it is full of liquid. I know that this liquid is venom. I am a little surprised at this. I hadn’t anticipated skulls and venom being part of this card’s imagery.
I ask, “what lessons can you teach me?” As I gaze at the card the background of the image changes to a sunset in shades of red and purple. The lady in the image looks away from me toward the sunset and kind of shrugs. Then the positive and negative spaces of the card switch back and forth. At turns she is a solid figure in empty space and then she is an empty space shaped like a lady and a lion in a solid block. She becomes solid again, looks at me, and smiles as fangs grow from her mouth and her eyes widen.
I ask, “what is the lion’s name?” Her face takes an annoyed expression and she says nothing. The lion looks up at her but he also says nothing, waiting for her cue. As I look at the lion I realize that he is looking at something in her hand and I get an impression that it is a symbol drawn on her palm. It transfixes his attention and is part of her control over him. I also get an impression that she is reaching into his mouth with the other hand to retrieve a word that is there. I ask, “what is the word in the lion’s mouth?” She says, “breath”. Now I’m not sure if she is reaching for his breath or a word.
I ask, “Strength, what is your message to me?” In response she points to her left eye and my left eye itches. I ask, “are we connected?” She says, “I force your hand as well.” I take it she means as well as the lion.
I ask, “can I use you to force the actions of others?” She looks at me and her eyes narrow appraisingly but she says nothing.

I ask, “what is your relationship with the lion?” Her face changes to that of an old man with a thick gray mustache. She puts her right hand up and says, “he helps me keep my promises,” then she changes back to the lady. She looks down at the lion with concerned compassion and says, “he needs my guidance”.
I ask, “can you help me remember my strength?” The lady grows fangs again. Her eyes start glowing again as does her hair and the mantle she wears on her shoulders. It reminds me of the gorgon. She says, “I help you fight your fears”.
With that I wrap up the session asking her to be a presence in my life, to be my ally. I thank her for her wisdom. I ask her to help me use her energy wisely and to be at peace. Then I snuff my candle and I get an incredible amount of soot on my fingers blackening the ends of them. I wash my hands and as I finish my front door blows open.

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