Friday, March 11, 2016

Tarot Working, The Hermit

The Hermit
I feel a great affinity with the Hermit. I chose the name the Moonlit Hermit with this card specifically in mind. There really was not much to report as far as my informal working with him went. I carried his card around and I had the card as the image on the home screen of my phone. I did have some bouts of nostalgia and thoughts of the past that I attribute to the Hermit.
So I sat with the Hermit one afternoon when I had some time to myself. I called to him in the standard fashion that I’ve been using for all the previous cards. “I call to you. Come to me, speak to me, share with me your wisdom and show me your forms.” After a bit of quiet contemplation and calling I had more thoughts of the past and the future come into my mind and then I felt a breeze gently pass across my lips and face. I took this as the sign of his arrival.

I asked “how can I use your energy in my life?” He points to the inside of his cloak which starts to glow. He says, “concealment.” Then he does this thing where he opens and closes his mouth as if to speak then thinking better of it says nothing. He does this a few times.
I ask, “what are the lessons you can teach me?” In response his staff becomes Prometheus’s reed in which he hid the divine spark of heaven. The Hermit protects the burning ember in the end of his staff from the wind using his cloak. He tells me he is a coconspirator with Prometheus. As he does so his face takes on a friendly but serious expression.

I ask, “what is in your lantern?” He says, “pathways,” and I see that the inside of his lantern resembles a small, round room with doors all around.
I ask, “are you traveling or are you still?” He says, “I have paused at the crossroads, assessing.” At this a thrill runs across my scalp, standing the hairs. I didn’t feel frightened but this kind of physical sensation comes up now and then in this kind of work.

I ask, “what do you watch for?” He looks up and says, “shadows from above.” Then I ask him, “what else?” He responds with, “the cat on silent feet. The cat of oblivion,” and I get an impression of a predator just out of sight in a dark forest.
Then the Hermit smiles broadly, a wide, toothy grin. I ask, “why are you smiling?” and he says, “because I’m having a good time.” I think to myself, this is going well and I want to keep it going.

I ask, “what is your challenge?” He puts his hand to his forehead and says, “thinking clearly, discerning correctly.” Then a frightened look comes over his face as he seems to fade slightly as if he is descending backward down a hole into darkness. He says, “I fear I don’t really exist.” I assure him he exists, at least he does for me. He smiles.
I ask him, “is there a light in your lantern?” At this he scoffs and says, “yes,” and he laughs as at a joke.

I ask, “how can I use your lantern?” At this I see horns appear on his head, his eyes widen and he purses his lips as if to whistle or say “ooooooo” but no sound comes out. Then his eyes split to appear that 4 are on his face and he says, “calling; seeing two worlds at once.” Then the horns transform to resemble two rearing snakes on either side of his head, facing each other, like ureaus.
I ask, “when do you put up your hood?” And he says, “when I feel old and tired. Or when it rains.” And he laughs again.

Then my phone rings, breaking my concentration. I give the license to depart and close the session. He laughs again and takes his leave.

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