Friday, March 18, 2016

Tarot Working, The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel took me two tries to reach. The first time there was no answer to my call. Or at least not one I heard. For a moment I had a panic that maybe I wouldn’t hear anything and this would be a very short post but instead I persevered. I tried again the next day and had more success.
 I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would it be one of the characters on the card that speaks to me or something wholly different? I made the call as I had before and soon felt a pressure at my forehead. This was the sign of the presence of the spirit.
I asked, “how can I use your energy in my life?” I saw the sphinx rise above the rim of the wheel and I was told that the sphinx is independent of the wheel, “objectivity”. The flame of the candle I have burning starts dancing wildly. I am also told that the spirit wants to called Fortune and not Wheel or Wheel of Fortune.
I ask, “what are the lessons you can teach me?” The sphinx shoulders his burden, “acceptance, responsibility.” I ask, “what other lessons can you tech me?” I am told, “the hub has no motion,” and then, “falling is a matter of perspective.”
I ask, “what are your names?” I am told the creature on the left is Worry, the creature on the right is Haste, and the sphinx calls himself King. The sphinx tells me that he keeps the two creatures on a track that they are not even aware of. I ask, “do you keep them trapped?” He responds, “they trap themselves.” Then the sphinx sheds a tear at the necessity of his cruelty. I then see the wheel atop a green hill. It spins very quickly and I see the creatures holding on tightly and I realize they are afraid to let go lest they injure themselves so they hold on more and more tightly.
The sphinx then tells me that he is the spirit of Fortune. I see two cloaked figures at the shoulders of the sphinx. Their hoods are up and their faces are covered. The cloaked figures are praying over the wheel. I see that the wheel is used to spin the creatures into gold thread. I am told that this is alchemy through trial. The sphinx says, “the wheel moves you up, the wheel moves you down, all are hardship, all are trial. This is perfection of the soul through hardship.”
I ask, “how can you help me through hardship?” The sphinx tells me, “I can change your perspective, I can change the direction of your hardship. The ecliptic of stars is my symbol. I contain all experiences, I can teach all lessons.”
I ask, “can I use you to change the fortunes of others?” He tells me, “not directly. I am an agent of your soul.“ The sphinx smiles.
Then I see the creature on the right, Haste, has nearly reached the top of the wheel and can nearly touch the sphinx but just as he tries the wheel jumps and suddenly the creature on the right is now the creature falling on the left, completely missing the sphinx.
The wheel is always in motion.
At this point I end the session, asking Fortune to be an ally in my life, to help learn its lessons, and to use its power wisely. With thanks I tell Fortune to be at rest.

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