Sunday, October 5, 2014

Thoughts on the Celestial and the Elemental

For the past several months I've been working with Jake Stratton-Kent's True Grimoire.
I've been reciting the Astrachios Prayer (I'll be posting thoughts on this later) and gathering the tools for the ceremonies.
I have yet to draw the First Character and begin that ritual process but I have been doing other things to build connections to the spirits. One of those things is to study, meditate, do divinations, and ask the spirits about their nature and their messages.
Today I've been thinking about the Four Kings and how they fit into a framework that works for the mythology I'm building for myself. This morning's tarot reading was "What is the way for me to work with the Four Kings?"

The Papesse , the 9 of Disks, the Ace of Disks

Study, learn, question your assumptions about the structure of the world and start again from scratch. I immediately began to write a list of the conceptual structure of the spirits of the universe, in order as I saw it.

Ineffable, Unknowable God
Time, Aion
Fixed Stars
the Sun
the Moon
the Elements
the Four Kings
The three Chiefs

And this list seemed pretty good. And then it occurred to me in a palm-to-the-forehead kind of way that there was an obvious pattern here. As Above So Below. Seven planetary spirits versus Four Kings and three Chiefs. I made a new list.

       Fixed Stars  -  the Elements
                                 Saturn  -  King of the North, Earth
         Jupiter  -  Belzebuth
                                 Mars  -  King of the South, Fire 
  the Sun  -  Lucifer
                                 Venus  -  King of the West, Water
                      Mercury  -  King of the East, Air
 the Moon  -  Astaroth

Now I'm not saying with this list that Belzebuth is the same as Jupiter or even that Jupiter correspondences would work for Belzebuth. But as soon as I wrote the list down some things made a great deal of sense. I had been having a difficult time not only reconciling my previous Astrological learning and my current inclusion of Verum spirits but also in incorporating the Four Kings and three Chiefs into a unified whole. These two separate and distinct lists are reflections of each other. Saturn and the King of the North are two separate individuals yet they share some qualities. The sphere of Fixed Stars encompasses all things and the Elements comprise all things. As you will note I have left off God and Time as I felt they were somewhat beyond or separate from this reflection idea. 

The next puzzle for me to work out will be the specific names for each of the Kings based on the elemental/directional attributions. There is a lot of conflicting information in this regard. I tried asking Scirlin about it using coin toss method, but I got conflicting information from him as well.