Monday, March 6, 2017

The Surgat Talisman Completed

After many months of research and work my talisman in honor of Surgat is finally completed. I performed the rite last night. And though I had initially intended to use astrological timing I decided that an opportunity to perform the rite was too valuable to pass up. The only timing I did observe is to do the rite on a Sunday, the day dedicated to Surgat in both The Grand Grimoire and The Grimoire of Pope Honorius.

Lodestone on inscribed lead plate with lunar plants.
The box that is the body of the talisman is above the

The lodestone covered in lead filings.

I'll not go into all the details of the minutia of the ritual but I will say that I based it in my understanding of the True Grimoire. Here are some of the choices I made that are somewhat ambiguous in the text. 

I called on Scirlin to be present and made offerings to him in preparation to calling Surgat.

I drew St. Andrew's cross on the lodestone using the consecrated red ink and the consecrated Pen of the Art. Initially I thought that a hand gesture would be sufficient but then decided otherwise later.

I blended an incense for Surgat made of frankincense, aloeswood, and fox hair. I suffumigated the lodestone and the box in the smoke. 

For the "lunar plant" I used both poppy leaves and young branches of a willow tree. Both of these plants are attributed to the Moon according to Nicholas Culpepper. I liked the poppies for their affinity to sleep and dreams and I liked the flexible durability of the willow with its watery attributes.

The plant material, the lodestone, the lead flings, pieces of the lead plate, fox hair, and other items all went into the box. Then the box was sealed with little tabs on the sides, asperged, suffumigated, and blessed.

The completed talisman.
Initial divination indicates that Surgat is pleased with the work. I am also pleased with how it turned out. And even though it is based on the True Grimoire spell To Open Anything that is Shut or Locked (number XIII) I know that it is so much more than that. I am excited to explore its potential. 

A note about the box. I commissioned this several months ago soon after I first decided to make this talisman. It is handmade blackened silver with a band of gold near the top. I came up with this design while working with Surgat and that vision was among some of the first communications between us. It was made by an artist who I know as Loagaeth on the occult forum. Check out her metal work, it is pretty fantastic.