Friday, August 26, 2016

The Mansions of the Moon Are Split

Thing 1: Why is it that both the Latin Picatrix and Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy  have more than one list regarding the Mansions of the Moon?

Thing 2: Because working with the spirits of the Mansions of the Moon is more advanced than working with the Mansions alone.
In other words, every sorcerer should be familiar with the influences of the Mansions but to call the spirit associated with that Mansion is a whole other thing. In both of the books mentioned the list of the names of the spirits comes well after the list of the virtues of each Mansion. In the Picatrix they virtually bookend the whole work.

Thing 1: If one was going to start calling them what are some of the concerns?

Thing 2: That the spirit will be malefic when the Moon is waning or otherwise afflicted.
That there might be one or two or four or six or 360 faces for each spirit depending on the relative position of the Sun.
That a daily practice is what is indicated.
That my goetic work will be put on hold.

Thing 1: Mere excuses. Don't let fear dictate your actions. A thing is only finished once it's begun. A single step begins a thousand miles, after all.