About the Moonlit Hermit

Welcome, and thank you for taking an interest in me, the Moonlit Hermit. I don't get out much so I appreciate that you came looking for me. Without getting too existential, let's see if I can summarize who the Moonlit Hermit is.

First off I think it is important to manage expectations by stating up front that I am no expert in anything. I will not try to impress you with some kind of pedigree in which I purport to be some sort of ascended mage.

I have had a lifelong interest in all things occult but I consider myself a lifelong student.  I received my first tarot deck when I was 14 years old in the early 1990's, and started working from Donald Michael Kraig's Modern Magic soon after. Due to several circumstances I put down the practice (but not the attitude or the interest) for almost twenty years and picked it back up in 2009. These days I tend to avoid the magic of the Victorian English (Golden Dawn and Thelema workings based on the Kabbala) preferring instead to walk a path paved with the spirit based astrological philosophies of the Picatrix and the Greek Magical Papyri. Most recently I have been greatly influenced by Jake Stratton-Kent's Encyclopedia Goetica series of books and have begun to explore the European grimoires.  

Professionally I am an artist and an arts administrator living and working in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the United States, Oregon specifically.   My artwork informs my magic and my magic informs my artwork.

The purpose of this blog, primarily, is a record of some of my thoughts and practices. It will always be personal and I reserve the right to contradict myself, change my mind, or make comments of questionable judgement that come purely from me. It is a way for me to organize my thoughts. Plus it is a sort of growth exercise for me as I have been terrible at keeping journals. Great at starting them, terrible at keeping them going. Making it a public record applies a pressure I find conducive to actually making it happen.

At all times I will tell the truth as I see it.

 I welcome you to look over what I have written and to comment on it.

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