Saturday, February 6, 2016

Tarot Working, The Emperor

The Emperor

So I seem to have developed a pattern with this working. For the majority of the week I’ll be somewhat informal, calling for the spirit of the card as I go through my day. Then, at some point, I do a more formal scrying session, usually close to the end of the week. I had expected that in this way I would encounter examples of each of the archetypes as I was out in the world. For better or worse this hasn’t happened in the way I expected.  
With the Fool and the Magician communication was immediate during the informal phase. They each spoke to me on Friday morning. The Priestess waited for me to come to her. The Empress and the Emperor were both vast in a way that made calling almost seem silly, they were always there and everywhere. The Empress made the world seems shinier and more beautiful. The Emperor was pervasive, in the very structure of the Universe. 
His words to me were filled with authority and I was always sure when I got a message from him. He called me to examine my discipline, he called out some of my weaknesses- particularly my self-indulgence. He suggested I needed to strengthen my will. 
He showed me right angles. 
He showed me walls and the breaches though them. 
He taught me about establishment of place.
He told me about the rewards of patience and avoiding haste.
With his scepter he measures the circumference of the universe.
I asked him what his connection is to Lucifer. He tells me that he is every Emperor as his face becomes a scrambled mask. 
I poured heart energy into him as I did with the Priestess, but he kept it in his scepter and looked at me critically. 

I had a hard time putting the Emperor down. He kept coming up into Friday.

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