Saturday, November 2, 2019

Creation Is Your Birthright

Creation is your birthright.
You, yes you.
The act of creating and the products of that creation belong to you. It is your power.
It is the gift from God that you be one step removed from divine power.
Your consciousness is able to conceive and produce all manner of things that have myriad impacts across the whole universe.
You can create.
And, in creating, you make your mark and stake your claim thereby bringing the entire universe into your influence.
Writing, making images, making offerings, these have immense impacts not always readily apparent. The ripples of their influence suffuse not only the culture in which you find yourself, but all of creation.
I call you to action.
Keep making and building despite judgments by yourself or others. The very act of making is God working through you.
It is your birthright.

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