Monday, November 2, 2020

Lunar Mansion Notes: Achaya

The Mansion of Achaya runs from 4° 17' of Gemini until 17° 8' of Gemini. For me locally on the west coast of the United States the Moon will be in this Mansion from 11:35AM today, November 2nd, 2020, until tomorrow, November 3rd, at 1:52PM. That's more than 26 hours in this Mansion which is rather slow. The Moon enters this Mansion with her light waning and in a trine aspect with Venus in Libra. These factors together would suggest workings of gentle separation which might take a while to accomplish but will be long lasting. Or perhaps destroying something or someone with too much of something they love or that gives them pleasure. The influence of Venus in one of her signs lends positivity to a slow and darkening Moon. 

The indicator star for this Mansion is Alhena which is in the feet of the Gemini twins. 

image from Sky Guide

Alhena was called The Mark or The Brand and represented an owner's mark on a camel or a horse. In this way there are connotations of possession and claims of ownership associated with this Mansion, but with bonds of love. It would not be inappropriate to extend the symbol of ownership from a brand to a wedding ring. Lovers exclaiming, "I am yours, you are mine," is the flavor of this Mansion. Alhena itself is a bright, white star giving it connotations of pride and strength though modern astronomers say that Alhena is in the first stages of dying.

The Spirit of Achaya is Nederayhe. In Nederayhe's beneficial aspect it is said to put love between two people and improve hunting in the country. Given the connotations of The Mark it would seem this love is more an emotional bond than lustful attraction. It is the bond of The Twins in the depths of the soul.

In Nederayhe's wrathful aspect they are said to destroy cities and besiege them with armies, to allow the enemies of kings to exact revenge, to destroy crops and trees, and to make medicines ineffective. I would argue that a possible connecting thread between all these is violations of trust leading to a slow destruction by figurative starvation or suffocation. The Twins betray each other in the destructive magic of this Mansion. 

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