Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mansions of the Moon, First Working

Tonight I did my first working with the spirits of the Mansions of the Moon. At 9:56pm the moon rose above the ascendant at 10 degrees, 50 minutes of Gemini which puts it in the sixth Mansion, Al Hana. As the moon is waning right now I decided I shouldn't make a talisman and should instead use this time to start to build a relationship with the spirit of this Mansion.

I chose benzoin as my incense as it seemed the least spicy of the ones I had on hand. I lit charcoal and nine white candles. I put the incense burner on my table and behind it my glass crystal ball. And as the smoke rose from the incense I repeated "Spirit of the Moon, Nadeyrahe, in the house of Al Hana, appear before me in this crystal," several times. Then I reduced it to "spirit of the Moon, Nadeyrahe, in the house of Al Hana." Then simply "Nadeyrahe" which I pronounced nah-day-rah-hay and repeated in a voice not much louder than a whisper. All the while I'm staring into the crystal letting my eyes lose focus and trying to see an image in the glass. After a bit I changed my focus to the flames of one of the candles and then to the moving smoke itself, still repeating the name.

Then I moved my gaze back to the stone. I moved the candles somewhat so that they were more in a circle around the crystal, four on my left and five on my right and none directly behind the ball so that I couldn't see the candleholder in the crystal ball. Then I said "Nadeyrahe, come into my presence, bless me with your knowledge, bless my house, and bless those that I love," several times and then went back to repeating the name only, "Nadeyrahe, Nadeyrahe". It was then that I began to see the features of a face in the middle of the circle of flames reflected on the surface of the sphere. It was faint and rather mask-like without detailed features or expression. I said "Nadeyrahe, tell me what to do that we may be friends," but there was no change, nor did I perceive any communication or impressions. I continued to repeat the name until the smoke of the incense ran out. Then I said "Nadeyrahe, go in peace that we may be friends and that I may call on you when your house comes around again." I looked away from the crystal and used my snuffer to put out the candles starting on my left and ending on my right. Then I sort of sat in the dark for a few moments.

All told the working lasted for about 45 minutes. For a first time I consider it a success even though I did not receive any direct communication. I feel that I was successful in calling forth the presence of the spirit. Perhaps next time it will be a bit stronger.

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