Sunday, September 22, 2013

Philosophies of the Moonlit Hermit or What this blog is all about

This is the fourth time I've started a blog. It is the third blog about my dealings in magic and the occult. My other blog, The Floating Image, is about my artwork. Often these two interests will overlap. In reality this blog will be a way for me to keep notes as I progress. There are two reason it has taken three attempts to get it going. First is that my ideas and points of view change as I progress and lean stuff. In retrospect that is probably the very reason why I should have kept it up. The second reason I abandoned the past incarnations of this blog is that I felt like I sounded such an amateur. But again as the blog progressed that feeling, I hope, probably would have diminished. At any rate, now that I have exposed my insecurities at the outset we shall begin the experiments of The Moonlit Hermit.

To begin I think it is fair to say that I don't really fall into any specific category of a traditional follower of the occult. I'm not Wiccan, Neopagan, or Thelemite. I've found that I really enjoy a lot of the elements of Hermeticism but I feel no connection to the Kabbalah or Hebrew mysticism. In a way I feel like I'm forging my own path. And while I don't like the label "eclectic" it is closer to what I am working with at the moment. Maybe what I'm looking for is a non Judeo-Christian Hermeticism. Or maybe it's what the Golden Dawn would have looked like if it were not based in Hebrew mysticism. One of the purposes of this blog will be to explore just what it is I'm trying to figure out and accomplish.

Some of the elements that resonate strongly with me are the Tarot, traditional astrology (especially the magic in the Picatrix), alchemy in a symbolic sense, spirit evocation and communication, and meditation with its attendant disciplines of visualization and energy work. So far in my magical career I have been long on study and short on real practice. Another purpose of this blog will be a log of my practices and experiments. It is well past time for me to actually start building some magical muscles. Figuratively I've done a lot of reading about walking but have only really practiced standing up.

Lastly I think it might be important for me to note that this blog is for me. And while I'm posting it here for all the world to read it is here to serve my own purposes. I don't care if you read it. I don't care if you agree with what I have to say.

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