Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Four Spirits of Perfect Nature, Daily Practice

As I stated in my last post I have developed an element of my daily practice on Perfect Nature in Book 3, Chapter 6 of the Latin Picatrix.

"Meegius" visualize a light before me.
"Betzahuech" visualize a light behind me.
"Vacdez" visualize a light to my right.
"Nufeneguediz" visualize a light to my left.
Invariably, over course of continuing the invocation 10, 20, or more times, the visualizations will change as I explore the nature of each of the spirits.
Meegius before me. Over time this has developed into an image of a point expanding, often blue, and ossified like bones radiating from a central point. As spirit of the East he is the spirit of things rising into existence.
Betzahuech behind me. Betzahuech appears as a dark and hidden spirit, one that I cannot see, a face behind a veil. He is the universe imploding into a singularity. As spirit of the West he is the spirit of things diminishing into obscurity. Color is black.
Vacdez to my right. A yellow light. Two images I have received for Vacdez are a woman sitting in a straight backed wooden chair and a submerged city. As spirit of the South Vacdez holds one of the axles of heaven.
Nufeneguediz to my left. This spirit has appeared to me as the rim of a ceramic jar, an edge that borders on emptiness. As spirit of the North he holds the other end of the axle of heaven.

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