Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Verum Tool Update

Today is the first Wednesday after the New Moon which means it was time to move forward with my Verum practice and gain some ground on gathering and consecrating the tools. I find the Grimorium Verum to be a daunting work and I have vacillated back and forth about whether or not it is a system that is really for me. But, after a time of feeling little connection to the material, the desire to move forward on it came back with a vengeance.

At this point I have gathered most of the tools at the appropriate time. They have been sitting on a shelf, waiting for the next steps to proceed. Today I moved forward on the consecration of the tools.

During the first hour of Mercury this morning I put together the aspergillum. For some reason this step has slowed me for a while, like months. Not because it was particularly difficult or because the herbs were hard to find. It just hadn't seemed like the right time. Something always seemed to come up and get in the way. The aspergillum took me the entire hour to put together which is much longer than I thought it would. But it feels solid and smells nicely. And no, I didn't use thread spun by a virgin. All my searching has been fruitless in that endeavor. Instead I used a reddish orange silk thread my partner gave me. It is a color that I associate with Scirlin and mace.

In the time between the Mercury hours I gathered all the implements that I wanted to consecrate, and the implements used to consecrate them. I mixed my incense ingredients; mace blades, aloeswood, and frankincense. Then I wrote out my ritual including all the psalms, prayers, and instructions.

During the second hour of Mercury I did the ablutions, the orisons of the instruments, asperged, and  fumigated. By the time the planetary hour was finished I had done everything except inscribe the inkhorn and the consecration of the ink put therein. In thinking about it, it may be best to be selective in how I proceed with the ink.

In fact this step forward has imparted to me a feeling that there is no rush to get this done right away. Given the wands and parchment and all the rest that is left I'm still easily two or three months working on the tools. I think I'm ok with that. I've learned that there is a benefit to taking this process slowly.

At any rate, today's working felt really solid and went smoothly. Next, the wands, the parchment. Perhaps a hatchet of the art?

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