Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hearing Responses From Spirits

Last week, at work, I had a meeting with a few young people in the afternoon. The meeting went smoothly enough and they all left, one by one, as our meeting concluded. A few minutes after the last one left I left my office to go attend some things and heard a faint knocking from one of the elevators (my office is on the third floor). One of the meeting attendees was stuck in the elevator! None of the buttons worked. We eventually had to call in the Fire Department to rescue her.
I had Surgat's sigil in my pocket.
It didn't occur to me while it was happening but was the stuck elevator the work of Surgat?

Perhaps I should back up a bit. Who is Surgat? Why did I have his sigil in my pocket? Why do I wonder if he had anything to do with the stuck elevator?

Surgat is a spirit under the governance of Duke Syrach, and possibly Astaroth, from the Grimorium Verum. His powers are listed as the ability to open anything that is shut or locked. He is also one of the few that the grimoire describes as dangerous. By my thinking, if he can open any lock then he could keep any lock closed (like an elevator door).

I had his sigil in my pocket for a couple of reasons. First, I am trying to discern the flavor of Surgat to discover whether he is one of the spirits I want to work with more closely. Which leads to my second reason, to discern which of the chiefs I want to start my Verum practice with. Sort of a way to see what the boss is like by the quality of the subordinates.
Plus I have a bit of an attraction to Surgat but I'm not sure if it is because of the warning of danger or in spite of it. As soon as I read the spell in the second part of the True Grimoire, Of Natural & Supernatural Secrets, the spell titled To Open Anything that is Shut or Locked I had ideas for a talisman based on the spell.

So I was carrying a copy of Surgat's sigil that I had drawn on a round piece of paper. I didn't produce the sigil with any ceremony nor did I elect some astrologically propitious timing. I just drew it for the purpose of carrying it about and pulling it out every now and then to contemplate it. 

In the Hadean Press's pamphlet on Elelogap, Jake Stratton-Kent suggests that in working with Elelogap that one may find one's thirst for water increasing or an increase in the urge to clean things. JSK suggested that this was the spirit making its presence known and sending subtle signals to the magician. Was the stuck elevator Surgat trying to get my attention? The wolf coin says that the incident was indeed a work of Surgat but that it was not a message to me.

I'm not sure how to interpret the incident. I wasn't the one stuck in the elevator so the doors were not locked for me. In a round about way I guess I wound up being the agent of getting the young lady out of the elevator in that I called the Security Department of the building and they called the Fire Department. Was I acting as a pale shadow of Surgat, getting ways opened?

At any rate, Surgat has my attention. Now let's see if we can work together. 


  1. I just decided to start binge-reading your blod so I thought I should say a couple things.

    The spirit probably was just trying to demonstrate the greatness of his influence and, in doing so, demonstrate his intention to pursue a relationship with you.

    A while ago, many of the spirits of the Grimorium Verum manifested themselves to me and allowed me to channel summoning chants for every demon in the grimoire. However, at the moment, the only two demons from the GV I work with from time to time are Satanachia and Agaliarept, both of whom I have detailed treatises about on my website. I hope that these channeled chants will make themselves useful to you, as many advanced black magickians have found my channeled chants extremely powerful, despite how weird they look and sound.

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog and thanks for the link to your blog. I'll be checking it out. I think there is still a lot of work to be done and I am now curious to read your thoughts.