Sunday, August 1, 2021

Mansions of the Moon, Daily Practice

 There are two ways to approach the magic of the Mansions of the Moon. One is when the magician uses ritual to capture astrological influence to empower a talisman. And the other is in direct spirit contact, calling out to the spirit and receiving responses in return. And while these are two separate avenues of practice there are overlaps and sometimes the distinguishing line between them can be a bit blurred. 

As I conduct research into the details of the Mansions of the Moon I have been supplementing my academic gathering with a simple meditation and mantra using the names of the spirits of the directions of the Moon. Most days I will get myself settled in a quiet spot, sometimes it is sitting in my home office and sometimes it is while I’m alone on a dog walk, and I will use a visualization similar to my work with Perfect Nature, calling a name while envisioning a presence in that place; Hediz above me, Maryuz below me, Meletaz to my right, Timez to my left, Hueyuz in front of me, Menelaz behind me, Dehanuz as a sphere surrounding me, and Harnuz as a point inside me at my heart that connects all the spirits together, like the hub of a wheel. Then I intone the name of the spirit that rules the Mansion in which the Moon is passing at that time. When I have the time and ability I’ll do this for 108 repetitions on a string of mala beads but I do it at least seven times when I can’t do more. 

Invariably when I do this I get impressions and images in response. I find myself accumulating quite a few bits of UPG about the Mansion and its spirit. Sometimes I will try to concentrate on the image for the Mansion as it is given in the Picatrix or Agrippa and sometimes I will simply try to listen to what comes my way. It is proving to be a font of artistic inspiration.

As one might surmise with a mention of doing this while walking a dog there are no candles and no incense. I am certain I will add those elements as I get more involved in the spirit contact part of my research and I am actively gathering incense ingredients. I find, however, that this is a good stepping stone  into a more elaborate Mansions practice. The influence of the Moon is so pervasive that striving to feel it is like pushing a river. The more one tries, the less successful they are. 

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